Henrik Kristoffersen alpine wearing trooper SL TE

At only 22, Henrik Kristoffersen has made a big impact on alpine ski racing, with medals in both the Olympics and World Cups throughout his career. But how did he get where he is today?

Henrik shares with us

I got my first pair of skis in January 1999. I started skiing in Marikollen Skisenter, a small hill about 5 minutes from where I grew up, in Rælingen, Norway. My father used to be a skier when he was young and he wanted to introduce me to the sport. I started training around the age of 6, and been doing it ever since.

There has been some great moments in my carrier, and I’m truly grateful that my parents have given me this opportunity to do what I love. 

Henrik Kristoffersen alpine winter olympics


At 19 Henrik was the youngest male medalist in Olympic alpine skiing history when he won the bronze medal in slalom at the Sochi Winter Olympics. In 2016 he was breaking records again, becoming the first to win the four classic slalom races in Adelboden, Wengen, Kitzbühel and Schladming in the same season. This performance also earned him his first crystal globe as the 2016 FIS slalom overall winner. 


What is your favorite products and why?

I think my favorite product is the Trooper SL TE edition. I really like the fit and it feel great to race slalom with, but also to use when I’m just going free skiing with friends. Also I think it’s awesome that I have a helmet with my own design. 


Anything in particular you are looking forward to this coming season?

This season is a Olympic season, so of course that is something to look forward too. For me the big goal is always to become a better athlete and alpine skier. That has always been the priority and is always going to be the priority. But I am really competitive and I like to win, there is no getting around that. So if I become a better athlete and alpine skier there is a greater opportunity to win more. 




Favorite product




Henrik Kristoffersen is wearing the Trooper SL

Henrik wears the Trooper SL TE