Linn Cecilie Mæhlum started alpine racing at the age 7. This gave her a solid base when, 5 years ago, feeling unmotivated about racing Linn was looking for something new. It turned out that what she was looking for was big mountain skiing! During the winter Linn dedicates her time to travel and skiing. The summer is spent finding adventure - preferably one that involves biking. 
Last year Linn took part in Supervention 2, which was a dream come true. Linn was also named Norwegian Freeride champion x2 in 2014 and 2015. This year was followed up with travelling in Europe with Sweet Protection athlete and friend, Anja Alme Gardli. 
“This upcoming season I will travel to more unknown places and make a documentary from all the different locations we visit!”

Favorite product



“The jacket that everyone should have is the Nutshell jacket. It is truly an all year jacket. It´s perfect on cold days in the lifts, a perfect layer when you´re reaching the top while you´re touring, in the summer when you want to sit outside on the long evenings! 

Nutshell Jacket Wmns


Other products Linn is using



“I love the bib on the voodoo pants and next year the jacket will  come in bright blue color which is my favorite!

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